Privacy: Any personal information submitted on wesellmore4less.com is for the sole purpose of your order. Information is not shared or sold to third parties. Email addresses are used only for confirmation emails, tracking information, or direct website representative contact. 

Transponder keys: All our automotive key products are excellent quality. They provide your car with radio transmission (RDIF) between the car and the key. This radio transmission allows for a key to be programmed to only start a specific, individual car. Thus, only the person who is in possession of a car’s transponder key will be able to start and drive it.Transponder keys reduce the opportunity for car thieves to steal a car.
The way transponder key programming works involves a microchip that resides in the key. This microchip has a serial number, which a transponder key programmer has made unique to that key. The electronic/engine control units (ECU) will send a request to the vehicle for it to validate the serial number. If the car doesn’t recognize any serial number within its set of confirmed and correct numbers, the car will not start. Most keys must be programmed by a locksmith. If a key can be programmed by yourself we will include this information after key is purchased.

Key Shells: All our automotive key shells are excellent after market quality. The remote shell and blade are molded together and cannot be separated, the total key is held together by a small screw. Replace cracked shell with new shell. Unscrew old shell take out electronic insides. Screw 2 pieces of shell together. Locksmith must cut the new blade. Ready to use after blade is cut.

Remote Control Shells with pads inside: All our automotive remote shells and pads are excellent quality. The shell separates with a little prying. Take the old electronic part and place in new shell and pad press together. It is ready to use.

Remote Shells with Pads inside and Electronics: Some of our automotive remote shells, pads and electronics are either OEM  (direct from factory) or excellent after market quality. They must be reprogrammed to your car by a locksmith. Some can be programmed by yourself, information will be given upon purchase and request by email.

Remote Key Shell with Electronics:All our automotive remote keys and electronics are excellent OEM (direct from factory) or after market quality. Keys must be cut and key must be programmed by a locksmith. We will include this information to program your door locks etc.but transponder chip must be programmed and key cut by a locksmith.

Programming: Any item purchased that you can program by yourself we will send the instructions to you, please ask by email for them, in most cases you will need 2 working keys to program the new one. There are certain keys and remotes that you can program yourself....other types must be brought to a Professional Locksmith or Dealer.

Shipping is with United States Post Office or FedEx Ground: We ship to the 48 Continental United States, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. We do not ship Internationally or to other US Territories (ie. Guam, Virgin Islands) We ship as soon as order is paid for.
We will ship to a US address for Canadian residence. For more information go to www.reship.com

Restocking Fee:  Any key or keys purchased by accident or mistake will have a 10% restocking fee. Also, there will be no refund on shipping cost.

Our Shipping fees are as follows:

Free Shipping for keys and remote orders over $150.00
Shipping and handling for 1- 2 keys or remotes will be $3.50 first class
Shipping  and handling for 3-6 keys or remotes will be $4.75 first class
Shipping and handling for 7-9 keys or remotes will be $5.60 first class
Shipping and handling for10-25 keys or remotes will be priority $7.00- $11.00 
​Shipping and handling for 26 + keys or remotes will be priority $8.50-$15.00