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46" Dash-Surfer Under Dash Work Platform
$139.95 To Your Door
When You Order 2 or More

The Dash-Surfer is an under-dash support platform for electronics installers, mechanics, and anyone else who works under an automotive dash. It provides an ergonomic work position and eases stress on back and neck muscles. If you work under an automotive dash, you know the discomfort of the door sill pressing into your back or ribs while you try to concentrate on the job at hand. The Dash-Surfer makes you comfortable, so the job goes more easily and quickly.

Originally designed for commercial use, the base of the Dash-Surfer is constructed of heavy gauge steel and the top is 3/4″ plywood padded with 1″ foam rubber and covered with heavy duty vinyl.

The Dash-Surfer is easily adjustable from 13″ to 25″ high with a spring-loaded pull-pin and will fit small sports cars to 1 ton trucks.

The optional height extender adds another 12″, making the Dash-Surfer adjustable to 37″ high.

Perfect for for installation and repair of audio systems, air bags, aftermarket air conditioners, fuses, electric brake controllers, heater cores, alarm systems, electrical wiring, A/C and heater hoses, steering columns and more.


  Easily adjustable, from 13″ to 25″ high with a spring-loaded pull-pin, the Dash-Surfer fits small sports cars to 1 ton trucks. 
  The Dash-Surfer is strong - the total supported weight is over 800 pounds!
  Since it is so convenient to transport, store, and carry around, the Dash-Surfer is a handy, stable work platform for other positions and tasks as well.